5-Week Group Coaching: Finding balance in the menopause journey

The menopause journey is unique and sometimes unpredictable. The hormonal changes going on during perimenopause and menopause can alter our mood and our bodies in lots of ways. At this transformative phase in a woman’s life, it’s more crucial than ever to prioritise self-care. Unite with like-minded women and explore the pathways to health, wellness, and balance during this significant life transition.

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Limited spaces available.

What this programme offers:

• Over 5 weeks, we will talk about the hormonal changes going on during perimenopause and menopause. We will explore how nutrition and other lifestyle habits can help alleviate some of those symptoms and enhance overall wellness.

• Each participant will be invited to share their experiences, goals and challenges. You will be encouraged to find practical and straightforward lifestyle changes to improve your well-being.

• We will talk about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). We’ll explore its benefits and risks, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health.

• The Coach will guide the conversation, helping the participants to explore their issues and find strategies to attain their goals. The Group will provide a safe space where everyone can be heard. You will be able to share experiences, gain insights, and build a network of support and connections that might extend beyond the 5-week program.

Each session will last 1 hour 30 minutes, to provide time for each participant to fully express themselves.

What do I need to be able to participate?

• Commitment to participate in the programme for 5 weeks,

• Self-awareness and readiness to explore your lifestyle and your challenges,

• Willingness and readiness to change some of your habits,

• Willingness to listen to and connect with others.


5 sessions in 5 weeks:

Starting in January 2024 (day to be confirmed).

Investment: EUR 150.

Places available: 6

If you’re interested, please let me know at hello@roserbosch.com or 086 6684328 to be added to the waiting list. I will then contact you about the possible dates and for a brief chat to make sure the programme is a fit for you.


Centre for Smart Ageing, Farranfore, Co. Kerry.

If you’re interested, please contact me at 086 6684328 to be added to the waiting list.

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Contact me at 086 6684328 for more information.