Can lifestyle changes stop or reverse Alzheimer’s disease?

You probably have heard that Alzheimer’s disease cannot be stopped or reversed. Indeed, until recently, it was believed that at most it could be prevented, but that once diagnosed, its progression could not be stopped. However, a new study challenges this notion. This groundbreaking research(1) by Dr. Dean Ornish demonstrates that intensive lifestyle interventions can significantly improve the cognition of people diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer's [...]

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Breast cancer: risk factors, diet and HRT

Last December, a very close person called me out of the blue. We generally don’t call each other unexpectedly, so I feared that something was amiss. Indeed – she had just found out that she had breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most frequently occurring cancer in the EU. In Ireland, breast cancer incidence is of 16,5 cases per 10,000 women/year (1). It is estimated [...]

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Reversing cellular aging with nutrition and other lifestyle changes

It sounds like science-fiction, but it is true. Our cells age as we get older. This is reflected on the length of our telomeres, the tips of our chromosomes, which shorten with age. When these telomere caps are gone, the cells can die. However, lifestyle factors such as non-smoking and the consumption of fruits, vegetables and foods rich in antioxidants in general has been associated [...]

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