As a Nutrition and Health Coach, I will help you reach your wellness goals and feel your best through personalized, one-on-one encouragement and support around finding the foods and lifestyle practices that work best for you. I will help you find your way to reset your priorities, improve your eating habits, have more energy and find more balance in your life.

I will take a holistic approach, focusing not only on coaching you through nutrition, but also on other areas such as physical activity, stress management or social relationships.

In my sessions:

  • You’ll be listened to attentively and explore the best ways to improve your health
  • You’ll learn to explore your values, establish goals and develop a series of gradual action steps that will help you achieve those goals
  • If you wish so, you will receive useful handouts on topics such as self-care, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, or goal-setting
  • If you’re interested, you’ll be provided with resources and tools such as recipes, apps, websites, books, online conferences, video links… so that you can learn and explore by yourself and be empowered
  • Be encouraged and guided through your self-healing journey.

The length of the programme and the frequency of our sessions will depend on your health issues and your needs, but it would generally be of at least 6 weeks (which you can renew at the end of the period if you wish to continue). We will meet via Zoom during the agreed timeframe.

Click here to book a free one-on-one 30-minute consultation. We will meet via Zoom or Whatsapp (or in person if you live in the Killarney area) about what you want and how I can help you take control of your health. If I feel I can help you reach your goals, I’ll offer you a slot and you will decide if you would like to go ahead.

book a free 30-minute consultation
Book a free consultation